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Apr 21st, 2016
At SAVECOMM my target is that EVERYONE SAVES Whether you are a seller or buyer. There will be written guarantee how much you will save.
SKSunil Kaushal

Dear Sunil Kaushal, and readers of this email. I am expressing my greatest gratitude to you and your team at century 21. Initially I was faced with  an urgent situation where I had to sell my home promptly or potentially faced with a power sale. Sunil Kaushal came highly recommended to me by a friend I know in the morgage business. Upon meeting with Sunil right away I notice he was quite knowledgeable and professional about his job, he assured me he can sell my home in a short amount of time for the best value. He was upfront about the pros and cons of selling my home and he listen-tend to all concerns that I had. At first I was prepared to take substancial lost in my property, however his strategy  worked with amazing speed which was surprising to me,  with all the hard work of the century 21 team my home was sold within 7 days at a much higher value I anticipated. I was able to pay off my lenders and I was also able to pocket a substantial amount of cash. I am very happy and I highly recommend Sunil Kaushal for all your  Real Estate Needs. 



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